Lash Care

Rules to caring for Elegacy Lashes - how to clean mink lashes for reuse!


Our Elegacy Lashes can be reused up too 20 to 30 times with proper care and cleaning of lashes.


1. Clean your hands with fragrance-free and paraben-free cleanser, take a Q-tip dabbed in water, alcohol  or water-based makeup remover go across the lash band to ensure help with loosen of the lash glue. Also you may lightly clean eye shadow off with q tip and a dabble of water or alcohol very lightly. Again never saturate your lashes.


2. Once lash glue is loosened, glue should be easy to peel off. Take a corner of each lash band and gently pull off glue on the lash strip. Avoid pulling of the mink hairs to avoid damaging the mink lash strands which were handmade by placing each strand precisely on lash band. Also, by pulling off gently you will avoid damaging your own lashes.

3. Place the eyelash on index finger so that the lash tip form around index finger and help maintain their curl. Rinse lash band thoroughly avoid soaking, saturating or getting soap on the mink fur. I personally would recommend cleaning the lash band only. But it is optional at your own risk to quick rinse the lash but avoid getting the tips of mink fur saturated or wet. Real mink lashes tend to lose their curl when in contact with a great deal of water. The up to 25 times reuse expectancy of Elegacy Lashes will not be guaranteed if last is completely saturated or submerged under water.

4. You may at your own risk use cool temperature setting of a blow dryer only on the mink fur lash tips facing down on your index finger. DO NOT blow dry on high heat temperatures due to avoiding disforming of band or accidental burns. Elegancy Boutique will not be responsible for any accidents or damages to Elegacy lashes if you chose to do so.

5. When you are not wearing your Elegacy lashes always properly store your Elegacy lashes in its original lash box just as they were received. By placing the mink lash strips on the Elegacy lash disc or tray along with closing the box will help avoid dust and bacteria getting on lash and will also reshape and keep that perfect round shape our lashes have . Which assures  your mink lashes for future reuse.

6. Don't not apply mascara on to your gorgeous Elegacy Boutique lashes. However you may apply mascara on your real lashes to help build a foundation for your lashes to sit on. Get lashed today!!!!

Hope you enjoy your Elegacy lashes Queens and Queenies!!!!!!

Hair Care

Caring For Virgin Remy & 10A Grade Mink Brazillian Elegacy bundles of locks hair extensions.


Virgin Remy Hair means hair is collected by one single donor. Our Mink Brazilian Hair bundles are also collected from one single donor. All of our bundles have tight double wefts , with all cuticles running in same directions,. Our hair is silky, soft, and smooth.  All  of our hair is 100% human hair unprocessed. Elegacy Locks will last more than 1 to 2 years with good care. 

Brush before bed and before washing to ensure hair is free of tangles.

Use an Organic and sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate removes hair of natural oils, it’s important that you use a no sulfate shampoo to avoid drying the hair out. 

To avoid damaging the hair extensions, wash with warm water only. 

Wash the hair gentle in with downward strokes palm of hands, try to avoid bunching of hair. 

Between washes of hair make sure you rinse, recommended to only wash 1-2 times.

Using very minimal amounts of drops of natural oil such as Almond or Coconut oil will help penetrate the cuticles and add little moisture to your Elegacy bundles of locks hair extensions.

Natural oils work just like most conditioners but without harsh chemicals and silicones, natural is the best policy.

Last rinse your hair (not scalp) with cold water, also known as the Arctic Rinse. This provides closure of the cuticles and will lock in the moisture and nutrients from oil and leave your leaving your Elegacy bundles of locks hair extensions rich with nutrients. 

Let your hair air-dry it will approximately take 2-3 hours naturally dry your hair. I would not recommend using heat this may swell and dry out your Elegacy bundles of locks hair extensions. 

Optionally apply very small amount of oil such as Argan, Almond or Coconut oil 2 times per week. Argan oil is a good oil when styling and for frizz, however it’s a dry oil and does not moisturize the hair as well as Almond or Coconut.

For long lasting hair extensions, take care of your hair just as you would your skin. 

Hope You Love your Elegacy bundles of locks hair extensions Queens and Queenies